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curriculum vitae


Educational Teaching Diploma (1979)

Master in Audio and Visual Arts (Rits, School of Arts, 1994)


Workshop Comedy writing by John Vorhaus (CA, United States at VRT Belgium, 2001)

Private tutoring scriptwriting by John Vorhaus (VRT, Belgium, 2002)

Workshops Developing Tv-series (e.g. Jurgen Wolf, Dagmar Benker, Linda Segers; PILOTS; Sitges, Spain; 2003 and 2004)

Showrunner Tv-drama (showrunners of e.g. 'The Shield', 'Breaking Bad'; MediaXchange; West-Hollywood, US: November 2013)

Essentials & Coaching Leadership (Yourcoach, Gent, Belgium)

Coaching Professional (Yourcoach, Gent, Belgium) April - June 2015; Jan - June 2016)

Serial Heroes on Television (attended summer course; Prof. Dr. Barbara Korte, University of Freiburg, Germany; June 2015)

Work as Theatre Director

NTG: 1995-1996 (e.g. 'Orgia', by Pier Paolo Pasonlini)

Artistic Director ARCA: 1996-1999 (e.g. 'Kvetch', by Steven Berkoff)

Work as Staff Writer

'Brussel NieuwsStraat'; Comedy Series; produced by Conception; broadcasted on TV1

- November-December 1999 (season 1)

- October-December 2000 (season 2)

- January 2001 (season 3)

Work as independent Scriptwriter

- 'Dead End'; Short Movie, produced bij GRID, released October 2000

- 'Het Dreyse Incident'; Tv-Movie, adaptation from Pieter Aspe's novel 'Het Dreyse Incident'; produced by Skyline Productions; broadcasted on VTM; December 2003

- 'Dutroux: de verklaringen"; Documentary; produced by VTM; broadcasted on VTM; January 2004

- 'Rupel'; Police-series (Concept and scripts); produced by Conception; broadcasted on VTM September 2004 (season 1); September 2005 (season 2)

- "16+" (second series); Docufiction, produced by Kanakna, broadcasted on VRT, 2006

- "Love Belongs to Everyone"; Feature Film, produced by Caviar; released Januari 2006

- "De bende van Nijvel"; Documentary; produced by VTM; broadcasted on VTM; 2010

- "Useful"; Shortfilm, produced by TRS; released 2011

Work as Head Writer

- "Sara"; Telenovela (adaptation of 'Betty La Fea'); produced by Fremantlemediaproduction; broadcasted on VTM; 2007-2008

- "David"; Telenovela (Concept, Development and Scripts); produced by Eyeworks; broadcasted on VTM: 2009-2010

- "Ella"; Telenovela (Dialogues); produced by Studio A; broadcasted on VTM; 2010-2011

- "Familie"; Daily Drama; produced by TvBastards; broadcasted on VTM: 2012-2013

Work as Executive

- "Binnenstebuiten"; Scripted Reality (Concept, Development and Showrunner); produced by Tv-Bastards; broadcasted on VTM; July & August 2013 (season 1); September & October 2013 (season 2)

- "Familie"; Daily Drama (Executive Producer Content); produced by Tv-Bastards, broadcasted on VTM 2014-2016

Work as Writer and Director

- "Dubbelspel"; Web Series; produced by TvBastards and Kamaraki; on the Web July & August 2017

- "Alleen Eline"; Feature Movie; produced by Marmalade Content; distribution by eOne; release September 2017


- "De zaak Bart"; Web Series (Concept and Storyline); produced by Tv-Bastards; on the Web July & August 2015

Lectures and Academic Contributions

- "Structuring Drama", Fiction Department, VMMA, 2008

- "Creative Talks", Vlerick Management School, 2009

- "Telenovela in Flanders", University Gent, Belgium, 2010

- "Teaching Drama", course at SAMW, Academy, Lokeren, Belgium, 1998-2010

- "Creative Writing", course at SAMW, Academy, Lokeren, Belgium, 2010-2013

- "Negative Feedback - Finding the Positive" (Publication); contribution to the book series 'Succeeding as creative Professional', Focal Press (New York), ed. Anna Weinstein, published March 2017


- "Dead End"; Short Movie; 'Intermedia-globe Grand Prix'; Hamburg (2001)

- "Love Belongs to Everyone"; Feature Movie; 'Golden Goblet', Best Screenplay; Shanghai International Film Festival (2006)

- "Sara"; Telenovela; 'Flemish Television Star', Most Popular Television Program (2008)

- "Useful"; Short Movie; Best international experimental shortfilm; New York Independent Film Festival (2011)




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